Get On The Good Foot

Hi gang,

Here's a new chapter. Chapter six! We're blowing through these faster than anticipated; I need to kick up my production rate if I want to be able to run these weekly through the end of the series. Luckily, Richard just gave me an awesome gift: a "non-photo" blue pencil! Now I won't have to waste precious time erasing!

This is the first episode to feature a lot of dialogue. It was an experiment in trying out some actual storytelling, with characterization and jokes and conflict and so forth. It's also the first time we get all four heroes interacting together.

On the visual side of things, this also pushes things a bit further than before. I really like the gradient on the cover; you'll see that technique a lot more as we go forward. We're at the point now where nearly every panel has a background, and I'm starting to use the computer to fill in black spaces, which I find pleasing on the eye.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do. Tell all yer friends!


The Comeback

Good evening, gang!

Welcome to Chapter Five. I'm extremely proud of this one. Last week the comic started to kick into high gear; this week, it arrives.

I'm especially happy with how the artwork for the new characters came out here. One of the most fun parts of putting together this comic was actually learning how to draw faces and bodies and stuff. Not that I'm a great artist, by any means, but it's a big improvement from where I was when I started.

I drew this issue while on vacation in Maine; the pencil sketches for the early pages were done in the hotel we stayed at when we spent two days in Acadia National Park. The rest was finished in a marathon session next to the river in Solon, Maine, one of my favorite places. Naturally, then, this issue brings back a lot of good memories for me. I think that was the last time I was in Maine! It's been too long.

Anyway, enjoy the comic! As always, tell your friends!


The Awesome Escape

Hi everyone,

Here's chapter four! By my estimation, this is where the adventure really takes off. It was during this comic that I realized that this project was actually turning out to be something kind of cool, and that I would probably finish it. As such, I started paying a little bit of attention to the plot, making sure that it was fulfilling and devoid of holes.

Also notable: from this point on, the artwork is all done by me. Prior to this, Emily had helped out with under-sketches every once in a while. I'm proud of the art, because I've never excelled at drawing... prior to this project, my experience was pretty much limited to stick figures. I think these comic strips are actually cool looking. Hooray?


Trapped in the Prison

Hi gang,

Another week, another chapter of MIME HUNTERS, for your enjoyment. This week's chapter is more transitional than many of the others, but (I hope!) still awesome. We were trying out a new, more loose drawing style here, which shows up in the early pages. I think the stylistic shift is pretty exciting!

This chapter introduces a mysterious new character. There's no blood in this one, for the first time. There is an explosion though. So don't worry!

As usual, stay tuned for next week and tell your friends!