Like A Boss

Hi gang,

Here's the climactic chapter 14. Excitement abounds!

Happy Holidays everyone!


All of the Lights

Alright, here we are with Chapter 13. I get to title it after a Kanye West song, which makes me very happy.

This issue expands on the lighting experimentation I played around with in Chapter 12, and does it a lot better, I think. Awesome visuals! And the story ain't bad either, I think. Some cool elements here!

In fact, I'm thoroughly happy with this chapter. I spent a lot of time thinking out how the plot/images would work out in the middle chapters;for the final four or five chapters (the "endgame") I felt like my hands were tied... I was forced to have everything I started to develop earlier tie up into an ending. Working on them, I just wasn't as excited about these final issues, because I already knew where it was all ending up. But once I saw the finished product here, I was very happy. The second half of this chapter is probably my favorite sequence in the whole thing!

Only two chapters left, so stay tuned over the holidays. And, as usual, tell all your friends!



Hi Everybody,

Here's Chapter Twelve. Getting close to the end of the adventure! This one's fairly exciting; lots of action.

With all the nighttime panels in these last few issues, I've been doing a lot of experimenting with light/shading/gradients/overlays. I hope it looks good! Obviously, some panels come off better than others. Overall I'm pretty happy with it.

Enjoy the comic, and tell all your friends!


Rumble in the Place

Hi team,

Here's another chapter, posted relatively early this week! I worry that the beginning of this one might be a little confusing... I sort of recommend that you read through the last two weeks' comics again (chapters nine and ten) if you forget what was going on the last time we saw Herbert, and the last time we saw Mirabelle.

In this one we get to see some night-time scenes drawn in the new "colorful" (grayscale) style I've developed. Hopefully it looks as good as I... hope... it does. Spell check wants me to change "grayscale" to "graybeard." Weird.

This is a chapter that I had in mind pretty much since the beginning. Nice to get a chance to finally see it online. A few really choice action panels here, I think. Enjoy it!